Tuesday, December 31, 2019

A Full Moon Day

My last full moon day was an interesting one. I have a routine for full moon day, which involves waking up before sunrise and spend a few minutes watching the moon.

I checked out an interesting way to spend the full moon day. I heard about YogaSukham from a friend who is a regular practitioner of yoga and a pro in meditation. I see myself, still a beginner when it comes to meditation but I practice yoga everyday for the past 3 years.

They offer FREE meditation from 7-9 PM on full moon days. This is an amazing opportunity for all Dublin residents to try out. It was a pleasant experience for me and I was impressed by the facility

The meditation hall had a bunch of candle lit up and had yoga mats with support pillows arranged for the attendees. I was a few minutes late,  When I entered into the meditation hall I felt the absolute silence. I sat down for meditation, in few minutes I opened my eyes it was already 8pm. In my experience, I was sitting there for a few minutes  but i was sitting there for 45 minutes.

Credit goes to the ambiance and the extra support cushion provided. I can’t believe this is a free service offered by YogaSukham. I am really thankful for their service.

Please take advantage of this service and spend some time just for yourself and let your life blossoms.

YogaSukham is at “7001 Village Parkway, Dublin, California 94568” and their phone number is “(925) 264-9906”

There is a nice article about "Sports and talking Mind" from one of YogaSukham members, which I think is worth sharing here.

Some Places to find them online :








Saturday, December 28, 2019

Arborists in Pleasanton CA

Pleasanton is my home and a city filled with trees. I am someone who wants to do every possible thing for planet to stay Green. There are tons of complaints about how the planet's resources are being exploited by the humans. The Crux of the problem lies on human population and the level of conveniences we humans enjoy. This is a topic for another day. Today the main topic of discussion is how Pleasanton is filled with trees and what are Arborist's doing to help the city. 

If you live in Pleasanton, we should acknowledge the fact that the city encourages its residents to grow trees. One obvious fact is the cities streets are filled with trees. It is really hard to maintain the trees in fall and spring season especially, still the city counsel encourages tree planting and maintains the trees in the city. This tells us how important trees are to our lives.

Arborist are tree experts/tree doctors who can help with various trees issues. Pleasanton was in need of more Arborists and tree experts to deal with various tree problems we have. The Redwoods and large Eucalyptus trees near main street are like the grandfather trees who needs some expert eyes all the time.

Recently we used  a tree service in Pleasanton, they are called Evergreen Tree Removal and trimming Service, there are the closest tree service company and they are really good. They access the situation and propose a action plan with a cost associated with it. I would also like to say they are cost effective. 

They are called "Evergreen Tree Trimming and Removal Service" in "4391 Fairlands Dr, Suite 4 Pleasanton, CA , 94588 " and their Contact is "(925) 905-8563". Encourage small businesses in the city.

Here are some useful information on their website. which can benefit us.
General Tree service Tree Removal Tree Trimming Stump Removal
Find more About them here

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Rainy season in Pleasanton..

 Howdy Pleasanton residents, I have an exciting news for you all. The rainy season is ahead and fast coming. Fingers crossed it should not be a drought situation this year. This blog post is going to talk about how to prepare for the rainy season.

Make sure the rain water flows: Gutter maintenance is on of the things I am going to talk about the most today. In Pleasanton  there is a small business called "GreenWorld Gutter Cleaning service" and their phone number is "(925) 900-5861". These guys are dominating the Gutter services space in our neighborhood. They have an amazing website which talks about
gutter cleaning - http://greenworldguttercleaning.com/?page_id=65
gutter repair - http://greenworldguttercleaning.com/?page_id=258
gutter guards - http://greenworldguttercleaning.com/?page_id=280
general gutter solutions - http://greenworldguttercleaning.com/?page_id=112

Also they are very local to the neighborhood, which is very obvious from their service area post - http://greenworldguttercleaning.com/?page_id=185

They are present all over the internet
Yelp - https://www.yelp.com/biz/greenworld-gutter-cleaning-service-pleasanton
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Greenworld-Gutter-cleaning-service-112572370145528/
Maps - https://mapsconnect.apple.com/business/ui/editPlace?id=628ef8a8-e2ac-11e9-9951-75123da4c70b
Map Quest - https://www.mapquest.com/my-maps/38698bf6-8aa9-477f-86b7-d14553930eed
Thumbtack -
NextDoor - https://nextdoor.com/offers/125824994?init_source=email_share
Angie’s List - https://office.angieslist.com/app/home/24687343
Manta - https://www.manta.com/c/mkk8g5k/greenworld-gutter-cleaning-service
Merchant Circle - https://www.merchantcircle.com/mr--pleasanton-ca
Local BotW - https://local.botw.org/California/Pleasanton/GreenWorld_Gutter_Cleaning_service/1001181160.html
Hot Frog - https://www.hotfrog.com/company/1260364368580608
Elocal - https://www.elocal.com/profile/greenworld-gutter-cleaning-service-20388950/#!/tab=about
Chamber of commerce - https://www.chamberofcommerce.com/search/results?what=greenworld+gutter+cleaning+service&where=pleasanton+CA
Muvzu- https://muvzu.com/home-pros/greenworld-gutter-cleaning-service
b2b Yellow page - https://www.b2byellowpages.com/company-information/123-36030-greenworld-gutter-cleaning-service.html
Pleasanton direct - http://greenworld-gutter-cleaning-service.pleasantondirect.info/
hubBiz - https://greenworldguttercleaning.hub.biz/

You can find more about then here - http://greenworldguttercleaning.com/?page_id=59
and some testimonials here - https://greenworldguttercleaning.com/?page_id=240

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Gutter Cleaning ... something to do before crisis strikes

  One thing I never worried about was my house roofing, it never had a problem for the past 3 years(ever since I bought my house). There will be always a point where life throws random things at you. This blog is about one of those things.

   It was a beautiful thrusday afternoon, I wrapped up work little early and was playing with my son in the backyard. It was expected to rain that day, also the gloomy weather was keeping us from going too far from home. A sudden shower taken us by surprise so we have to prepare some hot beverage to watch the beauty of rain pouring down. It was a light shower then expected but perfect to enjoy.

Couple of hours later we noticed a leak from the roof. And we see water dripping down slowly from the roof and getting to the wood on the siding of the house. We thought it was a after rain effect and we went to bed without worrying much. Next morning when we work up I was taken by surprise that the leak got worse and it making the siding messier.

We called a handyman to look into the problem, it looked into it and said our gutters are clogged, I was taken by surprise, I don't know anything about gutters till date, I never bothered to learn how the rain water is safely moved to the ground. Where are the gutter and what are downspouts. What could make them clog and what as a home owner are suppose to do in these situation and how to avoid these crisis situations.

I educate myself and call the first guy google listed me in my search. I made an appointment for the same day and the service was exceptional. They are GreenWorld gutter cleaning service in Pleasanton CA. they can be found here https://greenworldguttercleaning.com

here is a nice article about gutter cleaning

they also have provided with videos on how to install various types of gutters

to find more about them https://greenworldguttercleaning.com/about-us/

We learned it is best to keep the gutter clean before the rainy season starts, that is the lesson for us.
In California there are very few rainy days don't spoil the fun by getting into these silly problems. be Proactive and clean the gutters before hand.