Sunday, November 15, 2020

Favorite articles Nov 2020

 Here are my favorite articles for the month

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

COVID Update

 Another Quick update on the COIVD situation , Staying in home.

Getting stuck inside with a 9 month old is a challenge, There is always challenge but this is real challenge.

But the COVID situation teaches us a lot, like

how to be respectful of our partners

how important our work is

how important our family is

and more


Lets make the best out of the situation and have fun

Some interesting blog post of recent times:

conifers forest

 This article is just an agitation in my heart about the recent fire in California. Afforestation for many years in name of urbanization is the major reason form northern california fires. Removed all redwood trees at war footing. Rapid change in the weather is a consequence of human irresponsibility. 

We need more forest cover and replant redwood everywhere possible, other conifers can help cover the land and bring it under shade. Which helps in retaining water and recirculate.

Fire was very close to the major cities of the State like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, fresno and more. Fire in california has become a continuous happening and the residents have to deal with it everyday.


Thanks to our client Bloom Tree Trimming Service in Stockton CA

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Refrigerator repair Service - My experience

What happens when the refrigerator breaks, what are the steps involved in refrigerator repair 

STEP 1 - Find someone who can attend to it immediately:

*  Most Service providers are booked for the day because of the crazy demand for appliance repair service.

* Call the top ranked on google and call the other in the order to find someone who is willing to attend to in today (Otherwise lot of food will go to the trash ).

 * Find out the service fees for the technician to come in and access the problem. usually its $69.99 and if you go with the repair then the $69.99 will be used towards the repair

* Explain what brand is the refrigerator?. what is the problem with the refrigerator?. Sometimes the technician will already know what the problem could be. 

* Make sure you ask the technical to come prepared with the parts, if they know what the problem could be.


STEP 2  - Service call :

 * Let the technician access the problem and give you an estimate.

* Discuss with him, is it worth fixing it?

* Sometimes the parts could cost $200 -$300 where as a new refrigerator is costing $500.

 * Ask the technician if they have the parts and he/she can fix in immediately.

* Make a call if they don’t have the necessary parts to fix the problem.

* if ordering parts, schedule the follow up appointment.

 * If they fix the problem, please tip them generously.


STEP 3 - Follow up on parts:

 * follow up to see if they have ordered the necessary parts.

*  keep in touch with the technicians because they deal with lots of customers, they tend to forget stuff 


Good luck with your appliance repair.

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Monday, June 22, 2020

Tree Trimming in Stockton.CA

Here I am writing a new blog post for my client in Stockton,CA. This post is going to be about tree trimming in stockton. Tree service is on high demand in northern california, because of the heritage nature of the tree and the dry weather prevailing lately due to various climatic change.

Bloom Tree Trimming Service in Stockton,CA is a environment friendly tree service company which focuses on tree care and help customers with their tree service projects. I want to bring into our readers attention their website which has very useful information about tree removal permit for your local area .

Hope this note was helpful, quick and easy guide for your tree service needs.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Refrigerator repair Servie in Texas...

Here is another interesting article on Refrigerator repair.
I am writing this for my client in Irving,TX, Irving refrigerator repair service. They are a family run business with years of experience in appliance repair. Their specialty is refrigerator repair service but they also can help with other appliance service like washing machine repair, dryer repair, dishwasher repair, oven repair.
What happens when Refrigerator breaks?
You will be left with anxiety when your refrigerator breaks suddenly. It just leaves you clueless what next because you don’t want the food in your refrigerator to be wasted. Also, you don’t want your family to be hungry. These are some emotions which could cause lot of stress. Troubleshooting it is like baiting the bullet yourself.
Our client, Irving refrigerator repair is there for you rescue. They offer same day service for refrigerator repair, emergency appliance service in Irving, TX area.

Here are some useful links on their website :

Monday, May 18, 2020

Pleasanton farmers market update - COVID-19

Some interesting articles about pleasanton and tree services near me.

Pleasnton farmers market is open for public again after COVID-19 lockdown.
Some information about things that can be found in the farmers market can be found here.

Another interesting facts about the big tree in Pleasanton, on first street can be found here.
Some of the nearby tree service information
Hayward Tree Trimming Service
Livermore Tree Service

Hope this information is useful for our users.